Is your church's online experience intentional and impactful?

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Is your online church making an impact?

The internet is like a city with neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood has its own language and culture. There are places people can be entertained, hang out with friends, search for love and even find God!

Is your online church intentional?

Your church's online presence is part of its own digital neighbourhood. It has the chance to sit like a city on a hill shining light into the darkness of the internet, just like we see described in Matthew 5:14. How is your church intentionally shining a light into the neighbourhood around it?


  • Explore how your church can be more intentional in the digital space, even if you've been streaming for years
  • Discover church models with various platforms for different age groups and the benefits and challenges of live vs. pre-recorded services
  • Learn about options for producing the best quality online experience within your budget, even when data is limited
  • Understand how to think about the journey your online visitor may take and what's next for them after they visit your church's live stream

(Receive a *FREE* Social Media Content Calendar template for your church when you sign-up for notifications)

Episode 1: What Does the Church Look Like Going Forward?

This session will challenge your thinking about the power of your church's online presence and the impact it can have. We'll explore the benefits and challenges of live and recorded services.

Episode 2: How to Set-up a Team for Your Digital Church

Learn who to include on your team for churches with a lot of volunteers and those with just a few. Also, learn ways to engage members in the church's digital evangelism.

Episode 3: Gain Technical Expertise for Your Digital Church

Learn about equipment and understand the best equipment to buy for different budgets. Understand the technicalities of live streaming, podcasting and other types of online ministry.

Episode 4: What's the Journey for People Visiting Your Digital Church?

Think through the steps a person takes when they visit your church's online presence. Think about what you want them to do next and develop an intentional journey.

Episode 5: Learn the Different Models of Digital Churches

Understand the different ways your church can minister in the digital space, both when serving online is necessary and when it becomes a part of your church's ministries as churches return to in-person meetings.

Episode 6: Old Meets New

Learn how to take your church's time-tested ideas and adapt them to the online space. From programs like Vacation Bible School, CHIP, Pathfinders and Depression & Anxiety Seminars, you'll find innovative ways to leverage past knowledge to build new relationships.

Episode 7: Creating Space for Meaningful Connections with Children

Learn how to create space for meaningful connections with your kids with in the digital age. Whether you're the digital church coordinator, a children's ministry leader or a parent, this episode will give you actionable strategies to foster connection with your children while finding meaningful ways to share the story of Jesus.

(Receive a *FREE* Social Media Content Calendar template for your church when you sign-up for notifications)